Monday, December 10, 2007

Trinkets, or "Fun Things That Make You Faster, Stronger, Better"

This is partly for me, looking about and trying to find some of the best trinket quest rewards while leveling. I'm doing this because I'm actually leveling some alliance alts at the moment. ^_^ I want to get my mage tailor to 50 before Lunar Festival so she can get the pattern for the pretty red festival dress. Because it requires level 50 to get. *le sigh*

Anyway, I was checking out Farrow (armory) and realized I find a lot of great trinkets by looking at other people. So feel free to post your favorite trinkets and why, if I don't get all the good ones. ^_^ I'll add to this list as we go.



Nifty Stopwatch
Run speed +40% for 10 seconds when used.
Do every quest from this guy in Badlands, starting at level 37.

Carrot on a Stick
Mount speed +3%.
Get Brassbolts Brothers from this guy which leads into Gahz'rilla. Very painful quest chain at level 50.

Golden Hare
Small constant speed increase. On use, +30% run speed, no snares. 20 minute cooldown.
Jewelcrafters at level 35 and skill level 200 ONLY. Does not stack with other speed trinkets. Must find recipe in a world drop or buy from AH.
Highest drop rate 0.3% off of level 38 rare elite Digmaster Shovelphlange outside Uldaman.
Mats: 6 gold bars, 2 citrine.

Riding Crop
Mount speed +10%.
Expensive leatherworking item for level 70. Does not work for druids in flight form.
  • 4 Heavy Knothide Leather (or 20 Knothide Leather)
  • 1 Primal Might (or Primal Earth, Primal Water, Primal Air, Primal Fire, Primal Mana)*
  • 6 Arcane Dust
  • 1 Small Prismatic Shard
*Must have an alchemist to transmute these primals into Primal Might. You can grind for these primals instead of buying them. There is a hidden plateau in Nagrand behind the Throne of Elements that has earth, fire, and air elementals. Netherstorm has lots of mana beasts you can grind. Not sure about water, though.

Skybreaker Whip
Mount speed +10%.
Must have epic flying skill at level 70 and follow the quest chain to get revered with Netherwing.

Charm of Swift Flight
Druid flying form speed +10%.
Only available for level 70 druids on their epic flying form quest.


Strong (Melee)

Rune of the Guard Captain (Horde Only)
Attack +20, Hit rating +10.
Hit is most useful for raiding, but generally useful for being able to hit things higher than you. (The higher something is, the less likely your attacks will hit it.) Only hit rating trinket before Outlands.
Get quest Job Opening: Guard Capt of Revantusk Village from the sign in Revantusk at level 51. (coords 79,79 Hinterlands) This quest used to have you kill elites, but the mobs are no longer elite.


Powerful (Caster)

Blessed Prayer Beads (priests only)
On use, +190 healing, +64 damage for 20 seconds.
Start with Cenarion Aid from this guy. Bring an Ichor of Undeath for the quest chain. There should be some on the AH.

Shiffar's Nexus-Horn
+30 spell crit. Chance on spell crit to add 225 spell damage and healing for 10 seconds.
12% drop by Harbinger Skyriss in normal or heroic Arcatraz, a level 70 instance that requires a key from this quest.
Great for a caster with a high spell crit rating, especially mages and healing paladins.


Unkillable (Defense)

Arena Grand Master
Just go to the blog post involving it.

Mark of the Chosen
2% chance when struck in combat to +25 all stats for 1 minute.
Do level 48 quest The Pariah's Instructions from this guy.
I still use this, mostly for pvp because as a caster I don't get hit in instances or raids. Looks like it'd be great for tanks.

Restores 10 health every 5 seconds. On use, restores 300-700 health.
Level 51 item. Highest drop rate, 0.2% from Gorishi Hive Queen in Un'Goro. Also buyable from AH.

Uther's Strength
2% chance when struck of protecting you with a holy shield.
4% drop rate off of ?? elite Lethon, who spawns randomly in Duskwood, Feralas, the Hinterlands or Ashenvale. Also 4% drop rate off of final boss Ragnaros in Molten Core, a level 60 40-man raid. (A well-geared team of 70's could 5-man it, probably.)

Smotts' Compass
Dodge +12.
Kill hard-hitting level 50 elite, Mok'rash for his Monogrammed Sash. Turn in to Captain Smotts and get The Captain's Cutlass which leads to a kill quest for another hard-hitting elite. Dodge is great for rogues, but you'll need a party to do these quests and some Barbecued Buzzard Wings (2 per person in order to summon the guy for the last part, the recipe is from the Badlands) and wine that's sold in Booty Bay.

Truesilver Crab
Defense +5. On use, reduces melee damage taken by 20 for 20 seconds.
Jewelcrafters at level 40 and skill level 225 ONLY. Buy recipe from Helenia in Dustwallow Marsh or Nerrist in Stranglethorn Vale.
Mats: 2 aquamarine, 4 truesilver bars, 2 core of earth, 2 globe of water, 4 flask of mojo.

Cold Basalisk Eye
On use, increase enemy's attack time by 5% for 15 seconds.
Low drop rate off of level 40 Cold Eye Basilisks in Stranglethorn or buy off AH.

Insignia of the Alliance/Horde (Stormwind / Orgrimmar) (Champions' Hall / Hall of Legends)
Removes movement impairing effects and anything that causes loss of control of character.
PVP item, buyable at pvp vendors at any level for 2,805 honor. Acquire honor through battlegrounds.
I am 70 and still use this, though there's a better version for 70s.

Medallion of the Alliance/Horde (Champions' Hall / Hall of Legends)
Level 70 version.
Resilience +20, removes movement impairing effects and anything that causes loss of control of character.


Orb of Deception
Just go to the blog post involving it.

Piccolo of Flaming Fire
Causes nearby players to dance.
From rare spawn Hearthsinger Forresten in Stratholme.
Works in a certain radius, but not if they move. We took in a 5-man of 70s and got it easily.
There's a back way in that's closer to Hearthsinger Forresten, though I don't know how to get the key. You'll have to look into that.


  1. Best Warlock Trinkets at 70: Void Star Talisman (drops from High Astromancer Solarian in The Eye), Hex Shrunken Head (drops from Hex Lord Malacrass in Zul'Aman), Icon of the Silver Crescent (bought with 41 Badges of Justice from G'eras in Shattrath City).

  2. That stopwatch is in a pretty long chain in Badlands - but its saved my belf butt quite a few times! Also helpful in battlegrounds.



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