Sunday, December 2, 2007

For Dad, or "Twist"



  1. Have you shown them "peanut butter jelly" with the original banana and then switching it over to the tauren?


  2. I really don't want my dad to start doing Peanut Butter Jelly. Because he probably would. (He has these pain pills that he takes every now and then for a pain condition, and they make him dance a lot. They're his "Happy Pills.") You can always tell when he takes them, too, because he'll come into the room and start jigging with the cat, and say "Guess what I took?" ^_^; I love my dad. He's so funny.

  3. Awww hehe that's awesome though. Some dad's are allowed to dance during the holiday though....


    You could do the dance for him! lol

    Yes, I'm out of my mind this morning and reading some of your old posts. I don't want to finish up this attic remodel Im working on. Booooooo! :P

    I want to be home snuggling with my collie pup.


  4. :D

    I feel the wanting to be with your pet thing. I have to drop my kitty off at the kennel today so he won't starve while we're gone for Christmas. I miss him already!!!


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