Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dance Party, or "Aaron is the Sweetest Boy in My Guild, and You Can Quote Me"

Aaron is one of the youngest members in our horde guild, and I am among the older set (22 and up). In various outside-the-game Warcraft conversations, if someone mentions Aaron, the phrase "sweet kid" usually comes up, because it's impossible not to like Aaron. He's just a ... well, a sweet kid. ^_^

So I'm puttering around last night and Nevari calls me. "Can you get on for about five minutes?" she says.

I say, "Um, I guess," because it's not like her to be so mysterious. And in a few minutes, I'm in the middle of Undercity, checking my mail.

"Hey," says Aaron in guild chat. "I have something for you."

I smile and make a joke: "Is it a flying phoenix mount?" Because those are bind-on-pickup, and nobody could just hand me one. And they're in an instance we aren't ready for yet. And, oh yeah, they're a rare drop.

But everyone got the joke because I've been going on and on (annoying, maybe?) about how I really want one for Dustfire. I mean, look at her name. It just screams "I ride a phoenix." Dust. Fire. Yo.

I've been going on and on about something else, too. First, a related story.

So we head for Dire Maul, which we've never been to before, for Manasseh's warlock mount quest (his horse is on FIRE, it's awesome), which is actually more expensive than just buying a mount. So, no, warlocks and paladins don't get "free" mounts. They just don't get vendor-sold mounts unless they're lazy.

There's a guy in the arena part outside the instance. He spawns every 6 hours and his name is Skarr the Unbreakable. You can take him with a level 60 five-man or with two 70s. He's 60 elite. And he has a 12% drop rate of [Orb of Deception]. An item I've wanted since April, my third month playing Warcraft (when I found out about the orb), but want now mostly because female blood elves (like Dustfire) turn into female Draenei, the prettiest race in the entire game. And it doesn't hurt that it usually sells for 500-700g on the AH (which makes Manasseh drool, since Alliance guys are ugly and who would want to look like one?).

Anyway, we dropped in on the arena just to see if Skarr was there, and he was.

His BODY. His recently-killed-by-evil-Alliance body. I cry emoted for about two minutes afterward, and threw in some /mourn-ing just because. And I asked all my level 70 friends on at the time (two?) to kill lots of Alliance for me. Because they're EVIL.

So guess what Aaron handed me in Undercity?

I was thinking, like, white wedding dress. Or that he was going to unmask himself as Secretadmrer, who has been sending everyone in the guild some really random gift-wrapped stuff every day in the mail (level 1 grey sword, anyone?).

But no. It was better. He'd found an [Orb of Deception] for half price in the trade channel. And he bought it. For me.

I /hugged him so much, I'm sure I broke his paladin's ribs.

Then I used it and we had a little mini guild party. And I got screenshots. ^_^

Note: Yes, the orb transforms you into the same look every time. It does not alter per use or per player (Nevari turns into the exact same look as I do).

Equilibrio arrived and we waited for my 30 minute cooldown. When I popped the trinket again, he decided to play a joke on Undercity. It was Nevari's brilliant idea to pretend to be dead by just lying down, but the boys carried off the yelling. My job was pretty easy.

About four separate people came to see what was going on.

Equilibrio: [yell] There's a Draenei in Undercity! Kill it!
Equilibrio: [yell] It's by the bank!
Dustfire: /wave
Equilibrio: [just to us] I wish I had feign death.
Equilibrio: [yell] OH NO SHE'S KILLING ME
Nevari: /sleep (to pretend to be dead)
[the boys follow her example]
Aaron: [yell] it's killed 3 of us
Equilibrio: [yell] oh noez!
Dustfire: /laugh
Dustfire: I are looting the corpses!
Dustfire: I mean...... [common] garble garble
Cruelintent: [one of the guys to come running] :)
Dustfire: [yell] [Common] Garble garble blah blah.

After that whole thing, Mannasseh arrived on his rogue and things got . . . silly in a different way.

Equilibrio: [responding to something I don't remember] Of course!
Bereaver: Equil used to do that to me and tell people I had pictures of nekkid girls. *sigh* I got like 10 tells each time.
Nevari: LOL I remember that.
Bereaver: Yeah.... *bitter* me too.
Dustfire: *laugh*
Equilibrio: like that?
Nevari: Oh my..... poor Bereaver.
Bereaver: Grrrrrrr.
Dustfire: *laughs harder*
Bereaver: I have to go.
Nevari: /comfort Bereaver
Dustfire: *laugh*
Equilibrio: /apologize
Aaron: lol
Equilibrio: [Possibly Aaron. There's a trick you can pull where you type something and make it look like someone else is following your line. I do not know how to do this. Yet.] I hate all life.
Equilibrio: >_> Get any whispers yet?
Nevari: Yes, he did. XD
Equilibrio: I'm a very unhateful bear, though.

Anyway, that was our little dance party. Very fun. ^_^ Names changed to prevent connecting real-life names with character names. And to avoid confusion.

And THANK YOU again, Aaron. *hugs*

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