Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Feast of Winter Veil, or "Cute Outfits, Yay!"

Feast of Winter Veil is an event, a temporary Warcraft world holiday that reflects a certain real world holiday. In this case, Christmas. It lasts for 2 weeks over the Christmas holidays.

New Clothes

Tailors on alliance side will find a pattern for the above cute red suit in their mailbox (say hello to Klaudia, my mage). Horde tailors get the green suit, which Dustfire is modeling. There were issues with uneven distribution of the patterns, so if you have a tailor and haven't gotten the pattern, like my Klaudia, you can find the recipes on the Smokeywood Pastures vendors (who appear ONLY during Feast of Winter Veil) in Orgrimmar and Ironforge. Not sure if they'll do it the same way next year, but Smokeywood Pastures is neutral and therefore horde and alliance can fight their way to buy the opposing outfit recipe.

Leatherworkers will find a pattern for Winter Boots in their mailbox. Though a leatherworking recipe, the boots are cloth and wearable by anyone. (Dustfire is also modeling these boots.)

Outfits and boots have no bindings, so you can trade, loan, borrow, and sell these outfits to your heart's content.

There are issues with the suit looking "skanky" on girls. In the middle of taking the picture to your right, I had to /ignore a guy for making suggestive comments.

My stance on the clothes is thus: I found them in WoW Model Viewer and made that Christmas Klaudia image a few months back, then searched to see if they were available in-game. From what I could tell, they weren't, and I was a little disappointed. So I was very excited to see that now they are, because they're something I specifically wanted.

I just have to hide from boys while I'm wearing them. O.o

Green and red Santa hats have a chance to drop from any boss in the game during these two weeks. These hats are bind-on-pickup, so you have to be there to get it.


/kiss a holiday reveler in any inn, and they'll give you something fun like snowflakes to shower on another player or a +20% spirit increase item that you can only use on another player.

Winter Veil Disguise Kit: Turns you into a snowman. Requires a snowball to use. Supposedly shows up in the mailbox, but I don't know anyone who's gotten one, though I've seen it.


Gather your quests in the hubs of Ironforge and Orgrimmar.
  • Treats for Great-father Winter: (Goal: 1 milk & 5 gingerbread cookies.) Get 5 [Small Eggs] and buy milk from a food & drink vendor. Get 5 [Holiday Spices] from a special holiday goblin vendor. If you're a cook, get the gingerbread recipe from that same vendor, or ask someone else to make it for you. Turn in.
  • Reason for the Season [A/H]: (Goal: Talk to someone.) You'll be sent to talk to some famous leader after the first part. Easy.
  • Stolen Winter Veil Treats: Go to the snowman at 35, 72 Alterac Mountains. You'll then get You're a Mean One, where you have to kill the level 36 Abominable Greench. Watch out for higher level horde and alliance if you're on a PVP server!
  • Metzen the Reindeer [A/H]: Levels 45+. Best done as a group quest. Rewards the non-soulbound [Preserved Holly], allowing you to transform your current mount into a reindeer 5 times, lasting until you dismount. Flying mounts give you a flying reindeer, which leaves a trail of sparkles when you fly. ^_^

All found in [Gaily Wrapped Present], which are available for pickup under the trees in Ironforge and Orgrimmar on and after December 25th.
All require a [Snowball] to summon. Snowballs are sold by Smokeywood Pastures goblins in any major city, 10c per snowball. Also, buy extra snowballs to throw at friends. ^_^


Gifts under the trees in Orgrimmar and Ironforge are available starting December 25th to the end of the Winter Veil holiday. Each type of gift is marked with a quest-giver's exclamation point (!) and can only be picked up once. Pet items can be traded, bought, or sold if you didn't get the one you want.


  1. that whole "id hit it" comment is one of the many reasons I love Hawk just as he is...a HUGE MAN-COW. I never get tells like that thankfully.

  2. I figure it makes for good blog posts, so I don't mind *too* much, as long as I get screenshot fodder. Plus, it happens to Nevari a lot more than it happens to me. The poor thing. It's not her fault she's pretty.

  3. Oh btw - thanks for noting the Gaily Wrapped Gifts...I'm not going to have WoW access on the 25th, do you know if the gifts are just for that day alone?

    Might have the bf log me in.

  4. haha i actually love having guys comment on my character's hotness. then when i tell them, "i'm a guy irl" they get all defensive and say they knew it the whole time and weren't really hitting on pixels.

    i got the snowman. wish it was the reindeer. *sigh* the rocket robots are amazingly fun though except when priests use shield on them to protect them...

    and i finally got a Red Winter Outfit! i had been scouting the neutral AH since they became available and finally saw one for a BO of 1g!

  5. Post edited to reflect the gift situation. You CAN still get them!

    Outfit patterns are available at the one of the Smokeywood Pastures vendors and are bind-on-pickup. Therefore, a horde character sneaking into Ironforge can pick up the red pattern, and vice versa, since the vendors are neutral. (I'm not sure if this will happen again next year, so do it now if you want to and/or can.)

  6. First of all, hi! Nice little space you have here :)
    Second, I'm a tailor, and I've no "cute suit" pattern! :( I'm interested to hear what you know.
    Finally, LOL@Deadhand ^_^
    I think I've ignored him on most of my characters now, but purely for trade chat reasons :P I'd no idea he was offensive on so many levels! -_-'

    -Resisting the urge to use some cutesy Sailormoon-flavoured Japanese salutation,


  7. I've still seen some trees around, but I don't know if the vendors are still in Org. The Smokeywood Pastures goblins -- one of them will have the pattern. It might be different next year.

    And don't fight it. Give in to the Cute Side.


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