Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Youshutup has died, or "The Single Oddest Argument I've Ever Had, Ever"

I guess he was just in the mood to argue. I can't explain it any other way. It was just so . . . confusing. Especially considering I was the defense most of the time for LM.


  1. Perhaps you were currently wtfzomgpwning his alt on the other side. Dual-boxing FTW! lol

    ...and maybe taking LM was his idea on his alt...

    And theeeeen (send in best Garth voice) you guys won and that was that.


    I've occasionally seen that occur in BG's though. Some people live to attempt to get a rise out of people. I find it odd. It's just a game!

  2. Some people live to fight. We just need to know how to ignore them.

  3. *raises hand* ooo pick me pick me I know how!!!!

    "Yes Hawk?"

    *clears throat* We gently type /ignore namehere and cheer, dance and enjoy the rest of the game!!!



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