Sunday, July 4, 2010

Solo Mojo, or "Let's Use the WarcraftPets Guide! Yay!"

WarcraftPets has a Solo-Farming Mojo guide. Note that you only need 1 person to bang the gong now. You just need to be in a raid group. (Find a friend, have them join you on an alt they aren't playing, make it a raid group, and they can log out and go on their merry way, leaving you in a raid group.)

The guide recommends having the ability to drop combat. If you can't, it'll just take longer. The strat seems similar to the strat for the Qiraji mounts except with the added complication of needing to use an item before zoning out.


Read the entire strat before ringing the gong or you'll die. Ohmygoodness, that first swarm is brutal.

I found it a lot easier than expected on Dusty once I figured out where everything was. Yes, I had to run out every time, but the level 70 elites miss you a lot and my shield was good enough to keep me safe while using a hex stick on a frog -- even with a mob on me.

Wait, where is all this stuff? O.O

Nearest frogs are here. You use the hex sticks on them before leaving the instance or the sticks disappear.

The two suggested patrols are here. They're close enough to the entrance to run out and close enough to the frogs to use the sticks quickly.

How long will this take?
Amani Hex Sticks have an average drop rate of about 37.74%, and the chance of getting a Mojo is about 2%. By combining the Mojo drop rate with the stick drop rate, on average you will need to farm about 133 mobs.

I got about 20 sticks an hour using this method, and spent a total of about 3 hours farming them before I finally got Mojo.
^ Quote from the guide.

I got mine in about 3-4 hours, if you cut out all the distractions I had and count only time spent farming.


  1. Thanks so much for the mojo guide, maybe I'll be inclined to do it now! ;) By the way, just WHERE did you get those fabulous sandles?


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