Sunday, July 18, 2010

Guild Perks, or "What Does This Mean for Small Guilds?"

The guild levels give guild-wide perks, like reduced hearthstone cooldowns and being able to summon your guild bank. Buyable rewards are items like mounts, tabards, heirlooms, and pets and have less to do with your level (I think) than your achievements.

Guild Levels

For small or casual guilds, I'd try to hit at least guild level 22. As we know from the Goblins, time is money and that means Bountiful Bags is amazing. More herbs, enchanting mats, ore, and skins per gather means more crafting items and thus more gold from the AH.

Level 11 is when you get the final experience buff for leveling alts.

I expect that leveling your guild will require less effort than collecting rewards.


Guild rewards, like mounts and pets and tabards and such will be buyable with gold when the guild manages to acquire them. We do not, as far as I know, have any clue what all the rewards will be or what specific tasks are required to collect them.

When we do have a listing, be sure that I'll let you know.

Rewards, though, will likely be more difficult to collect than guild levels. Rewards are for cooperative effort (probably from guild achievements), and if your guild is small or casual, I expect rewards to be difficult.

As a mount and pet collector, though, I'll be keeping you apprised of how to get rewards for, say, a guild that has only 1-5 people in it.


All of this really makes me wish Horde had a race I'd feel comfortable changing Birdfall to. I joked back before race changes had even been hinted at about making Bird a Goblin, but I honestly don't think I could move my Alliance alts over until Horde has a bevy of races I'd really enjoy. If ever.

But the temptation is there. The thought of benefiting from my guild, being able to help on Birdy, being able to do stuff at all. . . . Tempting. Quite tempting.


  1. Don't stress, B. What you REALLY need to do is assist me in my push to develop an IVV-Alliance raiding team. :D

    You'd have me, wife, your hubby, yourself, Z, Jules and we'd have to fill out the group with some other reliable folks. Either that or Leilana, Halesia and Birdy can tear up the BGs. Have you ever seen a Rogue + Arms Warrior with a healer before? Say hello to your graveyard, Horde.

  2. If you do decide to create an alliance branch of IVV, let us know when you start recruiting. You sound like an awesome bunch to play with. I'd apply.

  3. @Jack - It's certainly something to consider. Our Alliance team is pretty sparse at the moment since the guild raids Horde-side and everyone has their main there. I'll raise the point with the other officers. Meanwhile, applicants are by member-recommendation, so the regular posters on this blog could almost certainly get a recommendation from Birdy if they wanted to roll a character on Zuluhed-Alliance to join in the pet-farming "fun".

  4. I will add that an alliance IVV would be pretty casual. I wouldn't expect anything resembling regular raids or even regular 5-mans, though such things would probably be attempted sometimes if we had enough people. Right now there's 2 of us who work on our alliance regularly (me and Jon), and it's pretty slow and alt-ish.

    So, as far as raiding and interacting with more than a handful people, that'd be horde side. As far as casual but cheerful alts, that'd be alliance side.

  5. Ha . . . finally found where these posts from months ago are. Some related news that you Zuluhedians may be interested in.

    On the evening of 9/9, Blizz announced they were turning Dentarg (where my son & his buddies play, and where I made a DK to play with them when my son gets his own PC) into a PvE realm. Associated with that is a free transfer period from Dentarg to Zuluhed. My son & his friends dig PvP. So they jumped on the transfer bus as soon as it opened. There was, in fact, a massive exodus. So many people transferred so quickly after it was announced that the transfer process actually had to be shut off for a short time to catch up with demand. One of the friend's entire guild (Hindenburg Ground Crew) transferred.

    In any case, mass exodus from Dentarg = mass influx into Zuluhed.

    I look forward to seeing you around.


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