Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Announcement: Sinister Squashling Possible from Innkeepers

Remember, you can get a treat bag every hour from any Innkeeper. (I thought I'd have to wait a whole other year to get a shot at this pet! ^-^)


This is a supplement to the 2008 Hallows End post.


  1. Yep :) Also you can get the helm, but I doubt the mount is available from him. I have the mount currently on Aerie Peak EU - great fun :D

  2. I'm excited about the way the mount (and the broom) are designed -- that you can ride them in Azeroth and fly them in Outlands. I'm hoping that they'll apply this to all the flying mounts.

    *falls into a cheerful daydream about walking a phoenix through Orgrimmar, then sighs and falls over in rapture*

  3. Yay for squashies!! I finally got mine the other day after having lost the /roll to get it every time it dropped. It then appeared for me in a treat bag the next day as well. I'm sure my husband would have liked for me to get the squiggling orange ball of cuteness sooner so he would'nt have had to listen to me whine about how I didn't get it, again! Now he just has to listen to me whine about not getting the mount. Again. I've seen it drop 4 times and all 4 times my /roll was below a 5. Sigh.

  4. Below 5? Ouch. You suffer from the LowRoll-itis my husband's best friend does. I always roll annoyingly high. ^_^;


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