Sunday, October 19, 2008

Key Binding Woes, or "Where Did My Attacks Go?!?"

So I logged on this morning and found all of my key bindings reset to default, including my attack bar wiped completely clean. Eek!

I'm very glad that I did a post not long ago on what key bindings are for. Today, I'm going to add this supplement gallery of what I, personally, rebound my keys to. I'm hoping it might give folks some ideas for their own keyboard setup.

(I moved Shift-M from Toggle Minimap, the small corner map,
to Toggle Zone Map, the map I use in battlegrounds. I always
mix those up, but Zone Map is the one I want.)

(I put Toggle User Interface back to Alt-Z,
b/c it's how I take my screenshots.)

(My results.)

There are some new options that I haven't looked at yet, because I don't think they're useful until Wrath. I'll probably re- or un-bind them eventually.

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