Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Unaided, or "When Alliance and Horde are Friends -- But Not Yours"

On a PVP server, if you see horde surrounding an alliance person who's killed you, you think they're fighting and you'll have the upper hand.

So you go in and you attack, and you watch as the horde just stands there while you battle for your life.

And you think: WTF?!

(Or some nicer variation, like "What the Poo?")

We've discussed this from Alliance side, when a level 70 rogue refused to stop his friends from killing my group over and over again.

What is the etiquette when your friend on the other side is fighting in PvP? If you stay out of it, the horde gets ticked off. If you kill your friend, the friend gets ticked off.

Is logging the only acceptable response?

In my humble opinion, the proper response is stopping the fight and letting the people on your side know if you can't help them. If your friend refuses to stop, you kill them. If your faction refuses to stop, you leave them to their fate and possibly /ignore, based on how much of a jerk they are.

The worst situation, I think, is if the friend is a ganker whom the person attacking hates. If you don't ally yourself with your faction, why are you ON that faction? Switch, moron.

Thoughts? Personally, I've come up against this twice already, people not helping me fight folks who have, in the past, killed me unfairly, and I want to gouge out their eyeballs. I always /ignore b/c, really, anyone who allies themselves with a jerk ganker must be a jerk ganker themselves. And is therefore not worth my time.


  1. I think gankers open themselves up for a big fall.

    Ok, so, you're Horde and with 3 friends. You've risked death and gone all the way to the tiny Draenei starter village area to kill some starter alliance.

    Great fun to begin with, but what happens when the level 70 allies with /World Defence channel active arrive? What if they camp your corpse?

    All is fair in love and war? You can't rightly report because you've just been ganking low levels yourself and stopping them from achieving their quests. Who is right on this occasion? The camper showing the ganker a lesson or the ganker for simply doing what the game allows and urges you toward? (world pvp).

    I think the real winners are the amassing level 5's who risk death to attack the dying ganker and gain honor through the contributon of a 'killing blow' ;)

  2. They weren't just standing there this morning, by the way. The mage was sheeping them to refill their health, then breaking it with a single staff hit.

    They were helping the alliance we were fighting.

    Manasseh's response:

    When [Snooty Rogue's Big Fancy Raiding Guild] blows up in drama and disbands (or at least stops raiding) and IVV is clearing Hyjal and BT and Snooty Rogue comes begging for a raid slot, our dear Recruitment Officer can remind him of his rude behavior today. I suspect the following conversation would take place:

    [Snooty Rogue]: I can haz black temple?
    [Snooty Rogue]: I R Pwned!!11 :(



    Names edited out for protection of the stupid.

  3. Oh dear, I hope I'm not teh snooty rogue...

  4. You are NOT teh snooty rogue and you know it. /pokepokepokepoke


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