Monday, August 20, 2007

Screenshots of Dumbness, or "Why'd They Have to Change Screenshots to JPEG..."

.... when I don't know how to change them back to the way they were? I had a system going. The ones I couldn't see thumbnails of were the working copies, and the PNG versions were the edited copies. *sigh* Now my screenshots folder is just a mess.

Anyway, on with the show!


Nevari made me a White Wedding Dress! Yay!!!

Our resident paladin has the gayest belt ever. Bloodscale Belt. I want one! It has a pink heart, see?!


In an odd way, this makes me miss Alliance. They offer SO much more fodder for the blog.

Although I think this turtle pet will give him a run for his money. Doodoobutta, anybody?

Any chance this is the same guy?

I actually really like this name. I think it's cool.

This one really offends me. Someone want to report him? I don't have the energy.

Best. Guild Name. EVER.

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