Saturday, August 18, 2007

The 80's Expansion, or "What Nevari and I REALLY Care About"

You have to understand -- Nevari and I play The Sims. We loved Barbies as kids. (Heck, Nev still does.) I have 864 MB of downloaded Sims hairstyles and 468 MB of clothing, and I know Nev likes downloading hair and clothes as much as I do, if not more.

So while we like pwning faces as much as the next player, it should be obvious that character designs are also very important to us.

Now, the Lich King expansion is coming out probably next year. It has level 80 (cap right now is 70), and a new class and profession and all that fun good stuff. It also claims to have new, changeable hairstyles (people have always complained that they can't change their character when they start hating the hair) and brand new dances (girls who play Night Elf Females can now look like non-strippers).

Here's the conversation Nev and I recently had about the expansion, as well as girl vs. boy players in general.

Nevari: Mostly excited for the hair, but dancing is super important too!
Dustfire: Oh yes, the proper hair makes or breaks a character.
Manasseh: (talking to the only other guy in the party) My spell damage goes up based on my pet's stamina/intellect and his stats go up based on my stats... so buffs are the good.
Nevari: (answering me, because who cares about buffs?) Exactly.
Dustfire: And being able to customize dancing makes the player and the character that much more unique.
Dustfire: "I can express myself" will be the new Warcraft battle cry!
Nevari: Yays! :D
Nevari: You know how you can tell that we're real girls? XD
Dustfire: How?
Manasseh: Neither of you are named "Onehotchic"?
Manasseh: Or something similar.
Shenoah: (only other guy in the party) lol
Dustfire: *laugh*
Manasseh: Case in point... Demonlicious right behind me... totally a guy.
Nevari: Our names, pets and sometimes our gear... (we're more likely to hide unsightly cloaks).
Nevari: Shall I ask?
Manasseh: *heh*
Nevari: (after she goes over to whisper Demonlicious) Yep, her cloak doesn't match either. A guy.

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