Monday, April 2, 2007

Savory Deviate Delight, or "Shiver Me Timbers, I'm a Ninja!"

The recipe for Savory Deviate Delight is a very rare drop from any kind of beast in the barrens.

If you come across one (meaning the recipe, not the food), you can sell it for anywhere from 50s-100g, depending on your economy.

It is easier to find on the horde auction house because the Barrens is a horde leveling area.

Requires: 1 Deviate Fish, 1 Mild Spices

The deviate fish can only be caught in one of the three oases in the Barrens: Stagnant Oasis (55,42), Lushwater Oasis (46,38), and Forgotten Pools (45,23). I've seen stacks of 20 deviate fish going for 4g-5g. So if you just want to get your fishing on, there is money to be made. (Deviate fish are also used in the Elixir of Giant Growth, which makes you and your strength get bigger for 2 minutes.)

Possible Results of Eating Savory Deviate Delight: You turn into either a pirate or a ninja for 60 minutes. There used to be more effects, but they got taken out, and none of them were anywhere near as cool as the pirate/ninja effect.

Possible Results of Eating a Deviate Fish: 1) Random emotes for 2 minutes. 2) Sleep for 30 seconds. 3) Shrinks you, your strength, and your stamina for 2 minutes. 4) Increases spirit by 5 for 30 minutes. 5) Heals you for a random amount of health.

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We got hold of some Savory Deviate Delights on horde. We were running the Scarlet Monastery Library, and we agreed to take them the first time we wiped (wipe: entire party dies).

The Team

(left to right) Manasseh, Shenoah, Dustfire, Brraaiinnss, & Nevari.

The Transformation

The Fighting

You still have all your spells, attacks, buffs, etc. Only your appearance has changed.

That would be my Dustfire casting Mind Flay. ^_^

The Goofing Off

Me and My Husband

He WOULD be a pirate . . . *sigh* ^_^

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