Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gobbledegook, or "Communication Between Enemies"

Non-Gamer's Guide to This Post

When you're playing an alliance member, and you come across a horde player, and they speak, it's completely garbled. (And vice versa.) You just can't understand each other. This is because the two sides are at war, speak different languages, and should not be able to communicate or collaborate.


(Our Resident Druid and an Alliance Druid)

Although standard emotes cross the language barrier (not /e emotes), and hopping together in bear form is always in style, sometimes you just wonder what the other people are chatting about. So I took a screenshot of what my team said to a random alliance team in the Scarlet Monastery. (Chat expanded artificially -- I combined the chat of three screenshots so you could have it all in one shot.)

Click on image to see full size.

I think this speaks for itself. (I have no idea who Bleedingbow is.)

It might also be nice to point out the dead body of our rogue friend by the girl gnome Tozza, and the fact that they were camping him. We were going to resurrect him when they left (he accidentally got flagged, they were level ??, we watched him die), but Tozza just kept stealthing and waiting around for one of us to blunder into a res. Shenoah finally got sick of it and resurrected him, but she killed them both instantly anyway.

Suffice it to say, we don't camp people who can't put up a fair fight. We think it's kind of low, even if it is completely allowed on a pvp server. Shenoah and Kbone, however, have brought back some very nice stories about ganking red level players -- not just one at a time, but sometimes two-on-two. Our boys are just plain good, and prowess wins even against higher levels.

I'm proud of them.

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  1. I very much enjoy talking "out loud" when I'm around alliance folk. Random, quirky conversation is fantastic and I always wonder what they *think* I'm saying. =D I do enjoy the "language" of E-mote also. You get a pretty good idea of what they're ACTUALLY saying/thinking when they spit on you. ^_^*


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