Monday, April 16, 2007

Hacking, or "How to Avoid Your Account Being Stolen"

A lot of this information is from my horde guild because they talked about it recently. The post was called "Careful what you click on!" For references, I know that at least three of our guild members are trained programmers and one is a (nice) hacker.

Seglda had his account stolen early on. He says that they just cleared the gold and gear out of his highest level character (who had less gold than another character, actually), and Blizzard returned everything to him after a good long wait.

"When I was hacked, I was using Firefox to browse, a seemingly reputable site. The spyware came from an inline frame which was rented out by the people who owned the site, nearly ten thousand people were hacked by this before WorldofWar removed the advertiser. Nothing I got back was Soulbound, while I don't recommend getting hacked, it's not all that bad, except the living without WoW for nearly 3 weeks while Blizzard support sits on their hands part." (Seglda)

Thanks for the info, guys!
  • Please guys don't click stuff in any forums online, make sure you know what the link is before you go to it. Also use Firefox, it's generally a lot safer. (Kbone)
  • Never ever go to a WoW site with IE. Invitation to disaster. Never follow links from a forum, ever. Only download addons from a trusted site (i.e. Curse) and only then if it's been rated up a bit and isn't brand new. (Shenoah)
  • Download Opera and use that, it has fewer security holes than even Firefox and has NEVER been penetrated in all of my testing (and I've done a LOT of testing, trust me). (Seglda)
  • If an addon downloads as an EXE, don't execute it unless you're 100% sure it's safe, even then, I still wouldn't execute it.. >_> (Seglda)
  • Firefox is widely used, and widely used software is targeted more by hackers. (Seglda)
  • Use a Mac. (Malloc)

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