Friday, April 27, 2007

Fun with Chat, or "What a Conversational Montage"

Just a few of the most recent, interesting conversations I've experienced.


More chatting in front of Alliance while waiting to enter an instance. Nevari was agreeing with the garbled something-or-other one of the Alliance said. I had just used my custom emote "Dustfire has given the Alliance a wedgie."

Waiting in queue for Warsong Gulch, a random guy starts talking.

More discussion about weird names. Here, I'm making a list of all the people who pass me in the bank who have names that couldn't possibly be anything more than banging a fist on the keyboard, adding some vowels to make it pronounceable, and hitting "Accept."

A little more situational. Nevari is teasing Manasseh (warlock) for seducing her sheep -- so the baddie was both polymorphed and seduced, which is overkill. The problem was that her chat bubble seemed to be coming out of the dead body, and I was VERY confused and a little frightened. It took me a minute to realize who was talking.


  1. Well, at least seducing my sheep is better than cursing them. We used to have that problem a lot... I've gotten better at checking for curses, he's gotten better at checking for X's (we mark sheep with X). ^_^* Besides, it's kinda funny to see a sheep with little hearts above it's head! Wah! =D

  2. I got sheeped and seduced in a battleground yesterday. Made me think of you. ^_^

  3. Names without vowels are always fun to try and pronounce. Like my friend "Cptnstbbn" (Captain Stabbin'), and there was this fellow named "Scttrbrn" (Scatterbrain?) from my old server.


    ps. If you can remember this name you will know my Draenei priest when ya see her!

  4. "Cptnstbbn" sounds very familiar. I may have seen him once or twice.


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