Sunday, October 3, 2010

Outfit of the Month, or "Don't Toss Your Direbrew Remote Just Yet"

The Circle of Flame is a cloth drop from Flamelash in Blackrock Depths (1% droprate). You'll want a Direbrew Remote (or a friend willing to share theirs). This headpiece is popular due to a dramatic Use effect described as a "fiery evocate" and the fact that anyone can wear it.

You can farm this boss 5 times an hour or, if traveling with only your own Remote, once an hour.  Don't forget to reset the instance before you enter.

Directions to Flamelash from The Grim Guzzler:
  • You start in Direbrew's room if you used the Remote. Exit through the only doorway into the room with the tables and patrons. You are facing southeast.
  • Go straight through the room and up the stairs at the end on your left. You should be facing the locked bar door. There are three options to get through. One is to attract and kill Phalanx (read his comments for strats). One is to complete the quest The Love Potion for a permanent non-combat option. One is to pickpocket the key off of Plugger Spazzring.
  • Once through the door, you should be in Shadowforge City. Lord Incindius is below you. Do not jump down. Instead, follow the outer circle north and take the first open doorway on your left (you'll pass only one group of mobs to reach it).
  • The corridor will empty you straight onto Flamelash. He's immune to fire. Good luck!  :)
Special Note: Even I haven't been able to figure my way around this strange labyrinth of BRD, which is why I don't have directions to Flamelash from the instance entry.  I'm sticking to my Remote strat, but please feel free to give directions in the comments if you're able.  I'll take the time to verify them and add them to this post with appropriate credit.  :)


The Crown of Destruction is a mail drop from Ragnaros in Molten Core. It does not have a Use effect, but its 19% drop rate makes it a more attractive farm for mail wearers who want a visually striking headpiece.

I do not currently have directions or a strat for Ragnaros.

These are larger and more dramatic than the Fire Festival coronet, shown on Dustfire in the image above.

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  1. I got the mail version of this today and I LOVE it! I'm currently trying it with my Scarlet Sin'dorei Robes but I hope to find a better match for it. What a coincidence that you posted about this today :)


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