Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Normal Mounts = Fast Now, or "I Bet Everyone Else Already Knew This"

So you know how you get 60% ground mounts at a certain level and you ride around on them and they're fun and awesome?

And then you hit another level and can train for 100% epic ground mounts and they're slightly less awesome because they're covered with armor but are also slightly more awesome because they're fast?

Yeah, there's no difference anymore.  Once you train your 100% mount speed, you can use the old 60% mounts and they're 100% now.

I bet everyone else already knew this.

Husband just told me about it and it blew my mind.



  1. Oh NEAT! I so did not know that :) You made my day!

  2. I knew it intelectually but I still went trying to figure out what was wrong with my mount addon when it put me on one of the low lvl mounts

  3. I only thought this was so about flying mounts, but now you say it is all mounts based on ground or flying...something I didnt think I would be glad about but am.


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