Monday, October 11, 2010

AH Thieves, or "1c Deals Woooo!"

I'm in the pet trade.  I switch pets over the Neutral AH using a friend (usually my husband or brother) once every few months.  I mailed my brother a huge mountain of horde pets.  His bags filled with Prairie Dogs, he listed 5 at a time for me to pick up using good old-fashioned search spam.

By his second listing, I'd already told him "Stop."


"We have an AH bot.  I bought the first Prairie Dog and the rest were just gone.  Poof.  Way too fast for a person."

"Report him."

"On it.  Then I'm switching to Birdfall and killing him.  A lot."


I finished my report, switched to my alliance mage for easy teleports instead of Birdy, and flew her down to Booty Bay.

I looked around for the wee scoundrel but didn't find him.  I switched to my horde bank and checked the zone.  No sign.

Disappointed, I figured he'd logged.

I switched back to my Neutral AH character to get his name and look for him one last time, but then I noticed that I had a reply to my ticket.

"Thanks for your ticket, we're looking into it" said the automated GM response.

I tilted my head to one side and then the other.

I put two and two together.

I felt much, much better about losing 11 Prairie Dogs.

Burn, you jerk!  Burn under the mighty banhammer of justice!  Flail and weep and gnash your teeth!  The Neutral AH traders of Zuluhed rejoice on this fine free-commerce day!



  1. Keep in mind, tho, that there are neutral AHs in Winterspring and Gadgetzan as well, he might have been stationed there.

  2. We physically saw him in Booty Bay after he sniped us.

  3. Email is probably better for this, but your readers can comment this way.

    I think we should sell the cheaper pets for 1g each. Even if someone "snipes" you make a profit. We lose a bit of money in the process, but I'm willing to absorb the loss.

    The Argent Tourney pets will be more challenging and maybe should be sold for enough that no one would auto-snipe them. 25g or something like that?

  4. 3-4 gold should be enough. Usually the bots have a threshold below 1g, since most people doing the transfers post things below that price.

    I love how WoW Karma kicks the jerks in the ****s. It's so satisfying, makes it worth the while. ;)

  5. You're making creative use of game mechanics to switch pets and complain about cheaters? Clearly the neutral AH was never intended to switch goods between yourself, otherwise they would just open up cross faction mail between your toons. :)

    Disclaimer: The smiley is important!


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