Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, or "You Didn't Think I'd Leave You With Nothing All Week?"

I have the ability to give you posts even without the internet. It's magic! Or, rather, Post Options. I can schedule a post to show up on a certain day and time. :)

I think we've been sorely lacking in fun screenshots. Who else is with me?


Fun with Names


Sure, why not.

Names you can trust.

Kind of Awesome

Very Awesome


That's a lot of angry!

HOW do you pronounce that, again?


Fun with Chat

Hanging with My Peeps

Coming up with a guild slogan. Sort of.

Officer Chat

The last two probably need disclaimers. The guy who needed the "Smart Stick" isn't very active in our guild anymore and anyone from IVV doesn't need to worry about it, the raid leaders were just reeeally frustrated that someone wasn't catching on/paying attention/prepared at all, and I thought this exchange was particularly funny -- and representative of the work they have to put into people sometimes. The butt-hugging is a raid leader talking in Vent about staying close behind mobs in Gruul's, the ones that charge. I really couldn't help quoting it just to screenshot. ^_^;


  1. Pete's new best quote: "GET YOUR NON-COMBAT PETS OUT RIGHT NOW" (while fighting Maexxna).

  2. what does IVV stand for?
    In Vino Veritas, translated "In Wine, Truth."


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