Thursday, December 11, 2008

Birdfall to Barry?, or "Paid Face, Skin, and Gender Changes"

Everybody's reporting this, but it's the sort of thing we like here, so my apologies for the redundancy.

You can now pay to change everything but your race and class. I'm actually surprised about the gender change thing because I thought they'd said they'd never do it, but I'm definitely not complaining. I know a lot of people will want to fix their gender if they made the mistake of rolling males.

This is an interesting time for Role Players who might have given up on a character because their story didn't work out -- it wasn't too long ago that they had to completely reroll if they decided they couldn't RP with the character they'd leveled. Now they can take old, abandoned characters and completely reform them.

In other news, 3.0.8 PTR Notes (source: MMO-Champion) announce that race restrictions for mounts are being lifted. Taurens can ride anything horde and anybody alliance can ride mechanostriders. Very nice changes. Thanks, Blizzard!

Also, there's a 100-pet achievement that awards a fawn. I'd been hoping for a murloc, so this is actually disappointing to me. At this time, it is not possible to collect 100 pets even if you buy all the buyable ones outside the game, so we'll be seeing a lot more implemented in-game. Keep up with WarcraftPets for the latest pet news, as I don't cover even half of the available pets.

Editing this to add a note about the 100-mount achievement that awards 2 dragonhawk mounts (red and blue). As there are not 100 mounts available at this time, we'll be getting a lot more mounts soon, I bet. :) Here's hoping WarcraftMounts keeps on their toes.

In other other news, MMO-Champion also reports Pack Mules, which allow you to access your bank from anywhere. They have not yet been implemented, but they'll be a HUGE convenience when they are. Sucks that a lot of people already spent their gold on the mammoths. I expect the mules will be even more expensive.


  1. They're also adding Dragonhawks as an achievement award for 100 mounts :)

  2. Really? That's awesome! :D

    My husband says he knew and didn't tell me. He has his priorities all mixed up in silly things like stats and class changes. *sigh*

  3. Yeah, but I tried to count up all the mounts on WoWwiki and like non-combat pets it looks like there aren't enough...even if you get ALL the achievement ones :(

  4. Ah, but that's the excellent part -- it means they have to add a lot of new ones for us to play with. :D Yay new mounts!

  5. And now that they've removed the reputation requirements to buy other racial mounts.. and you've got like 6 different mammoths to buy... lol.

  6. Did they? Maybe I should start reading patch notes for myself. I miss these things!

    *thinks about all the work it would entail*

    Nevermind. I'll let husband do it.


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