Sunday, December 28, 2008

Crashin' Losers, or "/LOL Gets You Left Alone"

So I'm on my draenei mage, who doesn't want anything in the game except to be a high level mule for Birdfall. And I pick up the Christmas presents under the Ironforge tree because the pets don't bind to a character and I wanted to get as many as possible for my girl this season.

So one of the presents gives you that Crashin' Thrashin' Racer that is required for the big holiday achievement -- you have to crash into someone else's racer 25 times. So I pull my mage's C.T.R. out for whoever wants to crash into it (like my husband will do for me later). And this guy keeps crashing into it, so I figure he's going for the achievement. I keep putting it back down and lining it up for him.

And then he /lol's at me.

Like I'm an idiot who doesn't know what to do with her new toy and he's taking advantage of it and making me look even dumber.

So I put my C.T.R. up and log to get pets on Dusty.


  1. a possibly extreme reaction, but no one really likes getting laughed at do they?

    Comes off as a bit high and mighty when someone does that. reminds of of when I first started, lving in redridge, I was killed and a passing druid saw and rezed me. He then told me that it was customary to pay the rezer has he had used a reagent. I payed him roughly what the reagent cost, probably more, /loled me after I questioned him and ran off

    If I had something he was using at that point I would have logged too

  2. I think extreme would have been making a stink about it in whispers. I was tempted to try to explain that I was helping him and not a buffoon, but those conversations always end badly. Either they really are jerks and talk back or they're innocent and get offended that you'd think they're a jerk or they're oblivious and don't know why you're whispering them in the first place.

    I don't know why that druid /lol'd -- there's not much to chuckle over when you're just rezzing someone.

    Some people are baffling. >_>

  3. have to agree, those conversations do always end badly, normally because of the former, not the latter

  4. True that maybe a bit of an overreaction to even take it to a blog, still, i have to agree :/ Just /lol at people trying to help someone get an achievement is BS.
    ~ Hean of EU BloodScalp

  5. a bit of an overreaction to even take it to a blog

    It was anecdotal. *shrug* Anything anecdotal, I blog on.


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