Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Netherwhelp, or "I'm Going For It!... If My Mom Lets Me"

I've whined about the Netherwhelp being a collector's edition pet and used by morons who can't spell, but I've looked into how to get one and decided it's worth the effort. Especially because people say that all of your characters get one -- every character you ever create.

So I asked my mom to get me one for my birthday.

A World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Collector's Edition with an unused pet code, that is. I read on the forums that a) the market is glutted with BC:CE and b) people with the regular BC expansion pack have called support and updated their account to reflect the CE, and they've gotten their Netherwhelps in the in-game mail a few days later.

I looked on Amazon, and there are some factory-sealed editions going for $43 ($75 retail). If you're lucky on Ebay, you can get it for closer to $20 not including shipping (Hippogryph Hatchlings run in the $40+ range--I know because... well, I have to wait for my druid to hit 70 to give you that news, don't I?).

I'm perfectly willing to do this and confirm that it works for you dear readers, though it will be a hardship living with all those ultra-cute snugglies for the sake of the blog. I'll edit this post with a big red "confirmed" when it does and tell you exactly what I did for it. Unfortunately, confirmation probably won't happen until November, because that's when my birthday is.

If you've upgraded your BC account to a Collector's Edition in the past, or are going to do it soon, please reply with your story. The more confirmations we can get, the better. ^_^ Ty!

Confirmed [click to see details]

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