Thursday, July 24, 2008

Killing Alts, or "Why It's a Suicidal Idea"

As we all know from the comic Imanoob by Staphora, griefing a low level when you, yourself, are a low level can be a very bad idea.

Take, for example, when a warlock jumped my husband's level 32 on a boat last night. It took a little while for travel, but eventually I got to Booty Bay and made my husband feel better:

The guy never saw it coming. First the Death, then I ran around for a while, he rezzed, and I got a Pain on him right before the guards killed me. So he died right after I did.

I rezzed and waited near his corpse only to see him jump on a ship leaving for Ratchet. I whispered a friend who'd offered to help, and he flew from Thunder Bluff to Ratchet just in time to find the guy at the flight master.

One well-placed dagger later, and the guy was, again, dead.

We loitered for a bit, but he didn't show back up. We think he took a spirit rez.

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  1. Excellent counter-gank. Next time, however, have someone camp the graveyard too. Also, dyk? If they're in combat they can't use the flight-master!

    I'm evil. >:3


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