Monday, March 10, 2008

Whelplings, or "Rare Ugly Goldmines"

Whelplings, more than any other small pet, are a status symbol. The reason for this is their extreme rarity -- with a drop rate of 1 in 1000, whelplings are sold on the Auction House for several hundred gold each.

  • Crimson: Dropped by (lvl 23-27) Red Whelp (Wetlands), Crimson Whelp (Wetlands), Flamsnorting Whelp (Wetlands).
  • Emerald: Dropped by (lvl 35-36) Dreaming Whelp (Swamp of Sorrows).
  • Dark: Dropped by (lvl 39-43) Scalding Whelp (Badlands), Searing Whelp (Dustwallow Marsh).
  • Azure: Dropped by (lvl 50-54) Blue Dragonspawn (Azshara), Draconic Mageweaver (Azshara), Blue Scalebane (Azshara), Draconic Magelord (Azshara).


  1. I have the Azure (i bought ><) and the Dark (drop while questing) =D

    I'm a pet collector also... I think all girls like those kind of cute pets ^^

    sorry about my english, i'm from Brazil!

  2. Your english is just fine. ^_^

    Yes, I think we do like all those cute pets. Girls are so awesome. Yay for estrogen!

  3. Down with Estrogen.

    The only person I know who genuinely collects the non-combat pets is our guild leader.


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