Monday, March 31, 2008

Skyguard Dailies, or "Getting Shot Down By Birds, How to Rinse and Repeat"

Once you hit 70 and buy your 1,000g flying skill (trainers in Shadowmoon Valley), Yuula, the woman standing by the flight master in Shattrath suddenly has a quest for you. This 2-quest chain eventually sends you to Skettis, the Skyguard daily area.

Yuula's Quests
  1. Threat from Above: In the mountains to the north of Aldor rise, there are ogres. Fly up and kill 20.
  2. To Skettis!: Fly to Skettis (64,66 - the far southeast area of Terrokar) and give the guy the bombs.

There's a lake and trees and huts and birds. The birds will aggro and knock you out of the sky -- if you're lucky enough to fall into the water, the water elementals down there might aggro on you. So, rule number one, avoid the birds. They're a pain the first 5 times and every now and then after that, but they're less of a nuisance after you get used to their flight paths. (Mages with frost armor up can sometimes slow them enough to get away.)

Skettis Dailies

The guy you turned the bombs into will give you Fires Over Skettis and is the turn-in for the other daily. You can do both together.

You'll spend a little while flying around to three different locations (60,75 - 75,86 - 68,71), trying to find the escort. While you search, check the tops of tree stumps and huts for eggs (they sparkle at you). Bomb them with the bombs in your inventory.

The escort will show on your minimap with a blue exclamation point. He gives you Escape from Skettis and your job is to escort him down to the ground. Except for occasionally when all the mobs are up and on you, the biggest problems doing this solo are a) Getting him before someone else does and b) Getting ganked if you're on a PvP server. Grouping is easier and safer, and it's always polite to invite someone to your group if they look like they want the same quest, since they'll have to wait for you to finish for him to respawn.


There are other quests you can get in this area, but they aren't a huge deal and you don't have to do them. If you want a Nether Ray to ride (the biggest perk of Skyguard rep), doing these dailies until you have 5,000g for your flying skill should get you to Exalted, so don't worry too much about it.

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