Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter, or "Gather Ye Eggs While Ye May"


Brightly Colored Eggs in the lvl 1-10 starting areas. Almost always nestled at the base of a tree. Respawn 3-10 minutes in the same close area. Low drop rate for pretty dress. This dress is the Holy Grail of dress collectors, as it's the most difficult to obtain. (Only available one day a year, and few people are willing to grind for it to sell, since dailies are faster and easier.)

Alliance: Teldrassil, Elwynn Forest, Dun Morough
Horde: Mulgore, Durotar, Tirisfal Glades

There are no actual quests on Easter, just the eggs which drop some rare clothing items.

My favorite alliance grinding spot is the lake in south-mid Teldrassil -- there are 5-6 eggs around it, so I just ride around, grab them, then get the ones in Starbreeze Village (look around the houses) and head back to the lake. It's also a lesser-traveled area. The only drawbacks are a) it's hard to see the eggs sometimes b/c of the shadows and b) it's easy to mistake rabbits for eggs. >_>

On horde side, I ground out all 87 eggs in Mulgore and it was painful even with an epic mount and +10% speed increase. It's a huge terrain with lots of nooks and crannies. They're harder to see in Tirisfal Glades, but the terrain is reputedly easier and you'll probably have less competition there. (To check your competition, open the social panel and click on the "who" button. Type the area name into the text field and search, and it will show you everyone in that area. Anyone over level 20 is likely egg-hunting.)

If anyone asks what you're doing, tell them you're looking for the Easter Bunny, a special boss rabbit that's hiding as a regular bunny but which drops a low-level twink epic when you kill it. If they check your facts, tell them it's new this year so most sites haven't gotten all the info yet. This will distract them with killing bunnies instead of stealing your eggs. >_>

The awesome thing about the Elegant Dress is that it doesn't bind, so you can wear it on any of your characters at any time or lend it to friends. So you only need to grind one per server/faction unless you want to get another one to sell.


Dustfire: 87 Eggs
1 Elegant Dress
32 Candy Bar
35 Lollipop
27 Chocolate Square

Kriemhilde: 56 Eggs
1 Elegant Dress
1 Tuxedo Shirt
19 Candy Bar
18 Lollipop
18 Chocolate Square

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  1. Btw, next year I vote for bunny ear hats off of bosses & Easter Bunny pet you can get from an actual Easter Bunny.

  2. you... uh... actually spent your ENTIRE easter hunting eggs for a dress?


  3. And I actually spent three months frantically leveling Kriemhilde so she could get the Lunar Festival tailoring patterns. Because the red clothes are PRETTY.

    Yeah. Cute clothes in WoW are l33t epics to me.

    While some people work to be the best at pwning faces, I strive for color coordination.

    Besides, next year I might have family obligations. This year was obviously the best to do it.

  4. zomg! I made it in a post! ^_^


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