Saturday, December 11, 2010

Squee Mylune, or "Fun Times With Cata"

Husband's Best Friend posted on our forums about a quest that looked like I'd created it.  It's from Mylune, and she definitely says "Squeeeeee!" when you turn it in.


In other news, there doesn't seem to be a lot of fighting on my server while folks quest.  Husband had some trouble with a rogue at one point, and there's been a few 85's coming back to gank (a guildmate set his 85 up in the area to even things out just before I got into the zone), but for the most part things are peaceful.  Alliance and Horde seem to be focused more on leveling, and starting a fight means retaliation when you want to get back to questing.

My brother admitted that he thinks he accidentally ganked some Alliance while on his warlock.  His questing technique is Tab+Curse, and he doesn't look too closely at what he attacks.  Especially since the underwater zone makes him a bit woozy.

For myself, I've been killed once, but I rezzed and kept questing and no one bothered me again.  And I was attacked once as retaliation for a guy in my quest group who started (he said "continued") a fight with a druid -- the same druid later emoted "truce" at me and I emoted "pet" at him (he was in kitty form).

So, all in all, it's been pretty friendly on Zuluhed.  I imagine that once people hit 85, more will come back to starting zones to grief levelers, but for now it's really quite pleasant.


  1. I'll not lie, if I was on a PvP server, I would have been ganked to High Heaven like no tomorrow. As a Fire mage, I tend to just blast out some Flamestrikes (instant cast with a talent) and Living Bomb to nap mobs.

    As a result, I've had more than a few "Soandso makes a rude gesture at you" emotes tossed my way.

  2. I am surprised at the lack of random PvP going ons on my PvP-server - I was prepared to die and die and die and then die some more. Only last night when we where trying (never did get to do it) to do the Ring of Blood (aka Crucible of Carnage) in Twilight Highlands did some allies land and mess with us.

  3. I've loved the unspoken leveling truce.

    I have a theory about the decrease in random gankings (after seeing and being victim of a few). It takes more than a few cheap shots to take down an opposing player in Cataclysm gear. I suspect most would-be gankers are thinking about more than the usual retaliation (involving the assaulted player rezzing at 50% HP and attempting to overcome their prepared, buffed, full-health [and often stealthed] attacker)... they're having to consider being outplayed or having a sympathetic 2nd member of the opposing faction swoop into to save the day. Used to be you'd see someone getting ganked and they'd go down in a few seconds and you'd think "do I really want to mess with this Hunter who 3-shots people?" and you'd move on elsewhere... but now you see a Horde Ret Pally and am Ally Demo Warlock tangling and both are still at 75%+ HP after 10 seconds of fighting and you think "I could really make a difference here" and start either throwing damage at the Lock or heals at the Pally (I did both).

    The only exception has been, as you said, higher levels that seem to have nothing better to do -- though why or how this is the case I cannot fathom. There's an 84 Shadow Priest (named Dagodmother) who has been camp-ganking Horde at one of the major quest hubs in Vashj'ir for a FEW DAYS. Why this player does not reach 85... or run instances to prepare for raiding... or do some actual PvP... or anything OTHER than sit around griefing... confounds me.

  4. I killed a fair share of allies while leveling. I don't gank while they're in PVE combat though. If they're fighting Horde or get in between me and a quest mob/item, they're dead.


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