Monday, December 13, 2010

Rainbow Generator, or "I Can Be Really Creepy When I Want To Be"

I looked at MMO Champion on getting home from work today.  I read some comics, scrolled down a bit, saw some new pictures, and went to the kitchen with a maniacal grin on my face until my husband saw me and stopped what he was doing.

"That's creepy," he said, looking alarmed.

Husband's Best Friend turned to glance at me.  "That is creepy."

I clung to a stair railing nearby and leaned over it to grin down at them.  "Did you see MMO Champion today?"

"No," said husband, still alarmed.

But HBF nodded in sudden understanding.  "The rainbow generator."

"Yes," I agreed in a voice that would fit well into an Exorcist movie.

HBF pointed at me.  "You're overreacting.  Am I going to go get nine of them?  Yes.  But you're [with an emphatic jab of his finger in my direction] overreacting."


  1. OOOOO I am going right over there next time I log in, thanks for the heads up.

  2. "WARNING: Do NOT use this trinket on Gamon.

    He apparently hates rainbows. :("

  3. I was wondering were my friend got that...


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