Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ripping People Off, or "Finding Really Great Deals That You'd Feel Bad About If You Weren't Profiting"

I essentially just ripped a guy off on my Alliance AH today.  I got a Hyacinth Macaw for 3,000g.

On Horde side, it sells for ~20,000g.

In fact, a friend of mine begged a seller once to take a 25,000g Hyacinth Macaw down and let her save the cash to buy it off him.  She couldn't because he'd already agreed to do that for someone else who wasn't going to be in game until the weekend but had the cash on hand.

And I have a macaw for both Bird and Dust, and all my friends have at least one by now, so I don't feel bad about using this one for profit.

:D  Silly seller -- putting a bid-only price of 3k and thinking anyone on the poor half of the server would start a bidding war.


  1. My husband had this drop for him on our alliance server (which is our gold poor server atm) and he was counting the gold in his head. He tried to link it to me in chat and accidentally learned it. I had to laugh at him but it sure is a pretty pet.

  2. Maybe they increased the drop rate with cataclysm. They do that a lot, like the drake got an increased chance to hatch in the egg.

    Or maybe they did not and with the expected inflation of 1000% of cataclysm, this bird might be worth 200'000g in 5 month.

    What are you going to do? Sell it fast, before Cata hits or put it in your bank for half a year as an investment?

  3. Sell it. I'm not worried about inflation or deflation -- a 10k+ profit is a 10k+ profit.

    I am holding onto Argent Pets for when people aren't doing those dailies as much. They ought to go up in price.

  4. Unless they reduce the number or marks required for a pet. You never know. :)

  5. Ack, don't scare me like that!


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