Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Up Side of Death, or "How a Mean Druid Made Me 285g"

So I was nabbing the Gadgetzan bonfires on my 38 druid (2 right beside the one town) for Fire Festival. And so was a level 70 druid named Bps, who decided that I got to die.

A mite miffed, I rezzed inside the city walls and ran just outside to the flight master. I clicked him, looked at my destinations, and suddenly thought "I should check the Neutral Auction House while I'm here." Which I usually think of after I take off.

Now, lately, there's been a guy listing alliance pets at regular intervals on the Neutral AH. On a PVP server, this is pertinent because you can't create alliance characters if you're horde and go buy yourself some cute pets and do fun Neutral AH things to get them cheap. And on PVP servers, most alliance couldn't care less about getting horde some cute kitties or bunnies.

But this guy saw that the market was ripe and went for it, and I imagine he's made hundreds of gold at it by now (over 1g profit for each pet he sells, and he constantly refreshes his stock in the AH).

So I took my little level 38 over to check on the off-chance that he might have a cute rare pet up I could re-sell for an exorbitant amount.

And he did. 15 gold for a white kitten.

I ended up making a quick sale of it to a friend for 300g (he asked what amount I was listing it for, thought about it, and asked me to C.O.D. it).

So thank you, meanie-face "Brb" or whatever your name was. You made me a ton of cash by delaying me half a minute.

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