Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Saving Gold, or "Dustfire's Plan for Buying Things"

We've already discussed making gold, but now we're going to talk about how to save for the things you want.

It's a basic fact that mounts and riding skills in the game are expensive. In fact, over a character's lifetime, if he or she wants all the available types of riding speed, it will cost 6,700g (NOT including mount prices, which tend to run 110g before 70).

And that's per character. Add a beloved alt into the mix, and you have some serious cashflow issues.

This is my advice:
  • Make an alt. It could be your bank alt or a savings alt, but the idea is that you won't touch this character's money.
  • Start sending this character the cash you can spare -- make it a % of your character's money, and do it on a regular basis. (Bank characters should be sending the majority of their profits to this savings, just keeping enough to manage their own auctions.)
  • Level 70s without time to do dailies should try to squeeze in 2 dailies a week and send the resulting 20g to their savings character. (There's a very nice bombing quest that requires no effort at all on the Isle of Quel'danis.)
  • If you can, get in the habit of doing the easiest daily every day. That's 70g a week without a lot of effort. (People often think they have to do all the dailies once they start, but limiting yourself can free a lot of your play time for more important things.)
  • If you have trouble keeping your money untouched, get a trustworthy friend or relative to keep it for you. (If this person has their own money issues, don't send it to them.) My brother's brother-in-law is sending his savings to the GL, who is my husband's best friend and would never bilk anyone out of their gold.
Therefore, even if you don't have a lot of play time available, you can still manage your money in an intelligent way and save for the things you want.



  1. Ok, so I am probably going to lose out on money but being the nice person I am I want to spread a money making tactic.

    This tactic depends upon your real life commitment to WoW but heres the thing:

    Quel Danas is miners heaven! Not in the daytime but go there anytime after 12:00am on a weekday and it's pretty much empty. I have a map on my desk of each of the node locations, if you're a miner you'll know them by heart if you've ever done the dailies.

    Go around in a circle from wretched->demon area->naga->dead scar->back to wretched.

    Paladins (which I am) succeed better at this due to the 120% ground speed making you hard to knock off your mount but a riding crop should also give an effective boost. Do this for, lets say you've had a lot of coffee, 3 hours and sell the adamantite ore at 20g a stack you'll be looking at roughly 200gold when they sell (which believe me they will). This excludes Khorium veins, motes of fire and therefore primal fire (30g per 1), primal earths and eternium ores. Occasionally you will also get a blue gem.

    This also all depends on your server. The ore may sell worse or better, for higher or lower prices.

  2. Is it odd that I DREAMED I was following your advice? I had my little pick and was running around hacking shavings off of adamantite and the occasional khorium.


  3. lol :) I will point out that I don't do this often. I am not an insomniac, infact I am very fond of sleep, but if you're feeling restless at night and have the next day off from work/school/college/university then give it a go.

    Sure, it's quite boring, but if there is something you're saving for then it is worth it. For example, 2 nights of this allowed me to buy my girlfriend an Azure Whelpling which she had been wishing for.

    Also, keep in mind as you're travelling about you'll have to kill the odd wretched/naga/demon to access your node. This allows you to finish the Quel Danas dailies over the course of the 3 hours with the exception of the Dawnblade one. This will add another 150g or so to your potential 200gold, excluding Outland dailies and the fishing one.


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