Sunday, September 26, 2010

Worgen/Human Models, or "I Make Do"

My brother did send me screenies of hair but I think he was a bit rushed.  He's out of town at the moment or I'd bug him for more details.  Since I can't, I'm making do with available third-party media.

Please note that we cannot build our Worgen and human forms separately.  You choose one option, you're stuck with the corresponding form.  However, you can see your human counterpart as you create your Worgen so that you don't get anything too icky.  :)

I'm looking into whether or not we'll be able to get Barbershop-only human hairstyles through the Barbershop.  Formerly bloodelf-only hairstyles are not available in the creation screen.

I only apologize that I didn't have time to put Model Viewer human forms by the Worgen models to make the comparisons easier.  :/  You'll need to click on images to see the human version clearly in the bottom left corner.

Credits go to this video.





  1. Eeeeeeee I'm so excited! I already see three hair styles and four faces I like!! It'll be so much fun creating my new toons. :D

  2. I feel like all the hairstyles are pretty similar with each other. Maybe they'll look different with different colours.

  3. There are hairstyles only available through the barber for humans? Did they change that or is it like that since we have the barber?

  4. I know that, at least for female humans, I can't choose some of the blood elf hairs in creation.

  5. It wasn't so much that I was rushed but that the Worgen creation screen has them moving SO MUCH... like every half a second they lunge around and growl and stuff... it's ridiculous, so I just spammed "PrtScn" hoping to get some decent shots.

  6. That is what you said, isn't it? :) Love! We gots it done.

  7. The old hai styles were way better. I have seen these from every angel and they are WAY to similar and boring. and whats with the frieken two teeth in the front? the muzzel strait on looks like a vampire bunny smiling. Lame! Bring back the old models.


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