Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tales in Pugging, or "The Tank That Wouldn't Rez"

So I join this Underbog with my mage and four of us are brand new.

One guy is dead.

He asks for a rez, we say "Okay, sure, where are you?"

"I need a rez."

"Okay. Where are you?"

"By first boss."

"There are a bunch of mobs between here and there. It'd be better if you ran back."

"Can you rez me?"

"No. You're the tank. You need to run back."


We all stare at that line. I immediately right-click his portrait and "Vote to Kick" but you can't kick the dead or maybe you can't kick before the 15 minute debuff is off but whatever the reason, voting wouldn't work.

So we're 4-manning the trash to get to the guy's body so that we can rez him and kick him.

I start to write "You're the TANK and won't run back. We're going to kick you either way, so do everyone a favor and just drop group."

Except I don't hit enter because (after maybe 10 minutes of ignoring us and demanding a rez) he's just run into the instance. With rez sickness. And can't hold aggro off the guy who's been temp tanking.

I keep hitting "Vote to Kick" until it takes. One of the other dps says "Oh thank God" as our obstinate tank disappears.

If the definition of a noob is someone who is ignorant and refuses to learn, this guy was a noob. A huge giant noob.

The only explanation I can imagine is that he thought he had to rez at the spirit healer to run back in, that to avoid rez sickness meant he had to get a rez from a healer, and that we could rez him from anywhere as long as we were in a group together. He wasn't even accurate about being at the first boss -- the instance was brand new.

And I don't think he knew what being a tank meant.

Last night, at a family Christmas party with the new Star Trek movie and some tasty cheese, my brother-in-law-in-law mentioned the X-Box Live player rating system. He said you can give people 1-5 stars but you have to answer questions about why you gave them those stars. Then those players are put in groups of folks with the same star rating. He also thinks (hopes?) Blizz will do the same with

In cases like The Tank That Wouldn't Rez, I desperately wish for a rating system. Same for the guy who was all sexist in my horde pug.

There are some people in the game you just want to punish for making your life worse.


  1. If such a system would be in place, would you respec your dps char into tank and try to learn tanking? Or give her a heal spec and try to heal?

    You would probably stay dps because your heal or tank gear is not good enough... forever.

    There is nothing worse for a casual game as when failure start to matter. There is a reason why dying is "free" in WoW.

    I think such a star system would just increase the shortage of the positions who bear the responsibility for a group.

    Do you put a inexperienced (aka bad) tank on your ignore list? Or do you assume that you won't meet him again anyways, but if you do he might have learned his job?

  2. Last night, my sister-in-law talked about healing LFG pugs: "A bad tank can make even the best healer look bad." She'd had a tank doing things she'd never seen before who yelled at her for "letting him die" when she was using a holy spell he didn't recognize (Guardian Spirit).

    Every player will meet people who don't understand a class and get mad at someone doing things an unfamiliar way. (Like when the only mage decursing a raid gets ragged on by other mages for having less dps -- again, an experience of my sister-in-law.)

    Incompetent people can always make the competent look incompetent.

    So, yes, a star system would have drawbacks due to the human factor, and I don't necessarily think it'd be the perfect way to go (I recommended a different way to do player reps in another post), but I think it'd be worth trying if Blizz decided to go that route. If it didn't work, I'm sure they'd tweak it or get rid of it or something. I also think it wouldn't stop people from filling the main roles, even if learning the roles meant a lower star score. It wouldn't stop me. And the threat of a low star score might even encourage people to pay more attention or learn their role better. Fewer auto-follows, maybe?

    It's something to think about. I doubt there's any perfect way to do this sort of thing, but it'd be interesting if Blizz tried a way.

  3. Ugh. Similar situation with retarded tanks. Granted, I play a Paladin tank, so I can't really talk.

    But then, when a Warrior charges through THREE groups of mobs and then complains that the Healer can't heal him...

    Let's just say that the only thing that saved my mage was Invisibility.

  4. I'm a fan of pulling as much as you can as fast as you can, but the tank should always be willing to lower his pulls to what the healer can manage. Otherwise, what's the point of staying on the run?

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  6. The system we play in is the worst system. It's just better than any other we've tried so far. Blizzard should investigate the star system and see if it is interesting.

    My father plays a tank -- well, used to play (he's stopped playing WoW now). I remember healing him in VH... And he didn't have a single clue what to do. He did not know what he had to do as a tank. He meant good, but he just couldn't grasp his role as a tank.

    Anyway, happy new year!

    I looked for which realm you are on your blog, but I can't seem to find anything. Do you play on EU or US?

  7. My horde is on Zuluhed and I may end up moving my alliance there too. It's PVP and used to be low pop (now medium). Honestly, I wouldn't recommend it there -- it began as an okay server and then the good players left and the bad players got cocky and then Blizz made it a recommended server so we got a ton of brand new accounts that needed training up. I hope when Blizz gets paid guild transfers running, IVV utilizes it.

  8. Oh, US then. I'm on EU and in desperate need of RP ><"

  9. /sympathy

    I miss RP too. My alliance are on an RP server, but I only RP'd with family since I don't know anyone else. And family stopped playing alliance there.


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