Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Emberstorm vs Stormstrike, or "Battle of the Battlegroups"

In Battlegroup Emberstorm, when using LFG on alliance side, I've had no real personality issues with pugs. I've run about 10-15 on Birdy.

Today I switched to Dustfire on Battlegroup Stormstrike, horde side.

The very first pug I joined with Dusty? The tank had to fetch a drink for his pregnant girlfriend, called her prego (if she doesn't mind then I don't), which then unleashed the moron in one of the dps who started waxing witty on how the tank could have avoided getting pregnant.


This is my first LFG on horde and I get that?

I should have left. Dusty doesn't need the gear and I didn't need to sit and listen to "L2Condom." I should have made a snarky comment and made them wait for the system to fetch them another dps.

But I didn't. Because I suck. I whined to my guild instead, and one of my guildies had the insightful comment "Women don't like condoms." Not sure if he was making fun of the guy or serious. I didn't ask and didn't want to know.

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  1. Alliance side stormstrike has been very nice. I mean, maybe the dozen or so runs I've done aren't representative enough to be definitive . . . but I've only been in one group that wasn't at least superficially nice. Competency has varied. How social they are has varied. But they seem to be mostly decent people.


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