Monday, November 19, 2007

Losers, or "Never Stop Trying"

"Losers" in the title is a pun. I want to rant about some idiots (losers) who lost Warsong Gulch (losers).

Ever since the daily battleground was implemented (gold and honor for winning a specific battleground), I've been doing more of them. I at least try it every day.

When you go up against teams with Season 2 gear, you tend to lose. But when just one person on their team has Season 2 gear and the rest is kind of awful, you have a very good shot.

Today, Warsong Gulch was the daily battleground for Zuluhed. They had a decked-out warlock attacking and their whole team zerged (attacked en mass) our base, staying close to our turf and pushing us back.

Both of us had the flags, and I wasn't sure what was going on, but I wanted to find their flag carrier. So I ran up the right (east) side of the map, went up the side, got a little lost in their base (it had been a while, and I'd forgotten how to get to the tunnel to get to the roof).

Here's the thing: They had no defense.

Here's the other thing: After rezzing, my shadowform stopped working. Shadowform, for those of you who don't know, improves survivability and spell power. It's like wearing mail with +damage enchants.

Their flag carrier? A holy priest. Alone.

And here's the last thing: While attacking the flag carrier, by myself, without shadowform, my team dropped their flag. All their flag carrier had to do was jump down, run to their flag, and they would be 2-0.

He jumped down.

He ran out of the room away from me.

I grabbed their flag and booked down the tunnel with 5 health. Not 5%. 5. I couldn't even see any health on my health bar, it was so low.

I got outside before their team could zerg me, and saw my team racing frantically in response to my message, "And I got their flag. Where is the rest of our team????"

If I'd had someone reasonable with me, like my healer husband, I could have passed the flag to him. (Right-click the flag buff and the other person clicks the spot where it's gonna drop. Great teams will do this more than once down a field, if their flag carrier is low health.) I could have stopped in the middle of the tunnel and taken my time with it.

That is how bad their defense was.

And where was my team? They were trying to kill the warlock in Season 2 gear. Like morons.

I mean, I assume he was trying to get to our flag carrier. But how many people would it have taken to get our flag back so we could cap? One. Maybe two.

The main point is that they were uncoordinated (no bg chat at all), but I also think they'd stopped trying. Winning a battleground is part skill, part gear, and part attitude. If you lack severely in one of those, you'll never win unless you somehow, somewhere, find a team with less skill, gear, or attitude than you.

The only time to give up is when you just can't stand it anymore, when there's no hope, or when you have a dentist's appointment you're going to be late for. But before you reach that point,
you better have tried your best, tried to coordinate, tried to outwit and outplay the others.

If you didn't, well. I'm heartily ashamed of you.


  1. Agree with you 100%. Although I haven't played the BGs since the 2.3 patch, I have had plenty of experience with idiots on the BG. Only one time have I had a BG with a strong Battleground leader who led the way and instructed us. Most of them paid attention to his sound strategy and we won. (Of course, he screamed at the idiots who defied him and called them names, which IMO helped keep them in line.) A few times I have actually tried to take on the leadership role when the BGL was completely silent. I would just order people around. The first time I did it we were very successful. The second time we came up against an Alliance group who were INCREDIBLY organized and kicked our booty. So, my question is, have you ever tried to step into the leader role in a BG that was retarded like the one you describe?

  2. I have, actually. And I'm not a natural leader at all. My directions tend to be like: "Three people go take the flag, three on defense, the rest give them hell." Which honestly doesn't let anyone know what they in particular should be doing.

    And I really couldn't say if it helped or not. I usually only bother if no one else is saying anything and we seem to need organization.

  3. I'm getting better at the leader thing. I know most of the strategies and in warfare, placement is likely the most important thing. I'm not the guy in full Season 2 Arena gear, but because I'm usually near the top of damage, I gain a little bit of credibility that I wouldn't otherwise have. The downside is that I'm really bad at typing and playing at the same time. Equilibrio is a lot better at multi-tasking AND at insulting people who argue with him, so I tend to prefer it when he leads our BGs. Then I can just make strategic suggestions in guild or party chat.

  4. I've never done a battleground. I am so scared of being an idiot. Do you have any tips for how to be a beginner and not let everyone down? Or maybe you could do a post in the style of "Tips for Newbies" that was BG-centric. Or maybe you have.

    I entered a battleground once and got so scared that I immediately hearthed and went back to questing. I'm much better at zapping squirrels than other players. But I crave the honor and rep that comes with battlegrounds. Plus I want to play with my friends.

  5. I totally understand hearthing out. ^_^;

    Battlegrounds aren't that scary once you get used to them. But the main strategy for not looking stupid is to keep your head down and keep fighting. No one pays much attention to individual other players in battlegrounds unless they're doing absolutely nothing.

    Any tips or details you want on battlegrounds will be in the battleground catagory, listed here:

  6. Thanks! That's reassuring. The older posts are great. I hadn't seen most of them. I saw one of them before, but averted my eyes because I was so scared of battlegrounds.


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