Sunday, September 30, 2007

Level 70, or "Dustfire Beat the Game! ... Right? Right?!"

Unfortunately, no. You can't even begin striving for end-game content until 70. So really... Dustfire has just leveled into the role of a Warcraft "adult." She gets to play with the big kids... and probably get squashed by them.

Guild notice: (Manasseh wrote it. I thought it was funny/clever. ^_^)

The biggest perk of hitting 70 is access to a flying mount. If you have 900g. Luckily, I had 1407g because mining rocks (actually, a lot of it was from quests and passing over cheap cloth quest rewards to get the plate, which vendors for several gold more on average).

Also, about the awesome and incredible horde flying mount... well, it's the ugliest thing I've ever seen. I'm not shy about admitting this. I swore I wouldn't get a single flying mount until I could get inside The Eye, but I was being impractical. It's much easier to do things with a flying mount. I just swear off of epic flying mounts until I can get to The Eye. B/c there's no sense spending 1000g and hours and hours of rep grinding on a mount that will just get replaced sometime next year (I hope). The phoenix will be my epic, even if I have to get every damn person on my server one before I get one. I will persevere.

Like I said on my guild forum: "For me, getting a phoenix is winning the game."


  1. Its hard to explain, but grinding up the gold for the epic flying mount is well worth it. Also, you can make some good money grinding rep with the Skyguard.

  2. But what if you get the gladiator mount! You wouldn't let that rot in your bags would ya? ;)

  3. I am doing dailies and getting rep with Ogri'la and Skyguard, but I really can't bring myself to buy any epic mount. I'd just hate to see it wasted later on. And I'd feel unfaithful to my poor, undropped phoenix. She (yes, she, I decided) is waiting for me to come pick her up.


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