Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good News, Bad News, or "3 Old Mounts Are New"

Good News

Zul'aman and Zul'gurub are coming back as high level 5-mans.  They bring along their old mounts -- bear, tiger, and raptor -- as rare drops.

Bad News

The models or skins for the three classic mounts will be different.  Hopefully, they'll be updated to become even awesomer, but probably they'll just have different colors now.

Photos when available.


20PetLandro's Lichling
20MountSavage Raptor
40MountArmored Razzashi Raptor
40MountSwift Zulian Panther
60MountAmani Dragonhawk
70MountFlameward Hippogryph
70MountReins of the Crimson Fire Hawk
70MountReins of the Beryl Fire Hawk


  1. Where are the "good news" in recycled content?

    Don't get me wrong, those raids were awesome. But why did I have to buy 3 expansions just to be able to play them again?

    It's like EA sports...

    Zul'Gurub 2011
    Zul'Gurub 2012
    Zul'Gurub 2013
    Zul'Gurub 2014

    And when you check MMO champion you'll see this:

    LFD Dungeons
    * Zul'Gurub
    * Zul'Aman
    * Random Cataclysm Heroic Tier 2

    Random Cataclysm Heroic Tier 2... In the worst cast that means that for the whole of patch 4.1 we're going to run the same two heroics for VP. I'll assume the old random heroics will no longer reward VP.

    Ah, btw, nice to see you're still alive. :)


    Erm. *cough*

    I suppose I mean that the good news is for collectors, and specifically for people on Horde side who still want a shot at a kitty mount, like my sister-in-law.

    And vice versa for Alliance and the raptor.

    As much as anything mount-related, though, I'm excited that we get a tabard to increase guild reputation gains! I had a long argument this morning with HBF about guild rep gains -- sure, it's super duper slow to hit Exalted, but it also means that people can't just swoop in a guild, buy some toys, and swoop out.


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