Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Outfit of the Month, or "Lowcut Commoner Cloth"

I saw the red version on a lowbie warlock one day and went "Huh. That's interesting."

You can slip a variety of shirts underneath, and I find that anything Filigreed from the shirt vendor in Dalaran looks great with the neckline (my second choice is a Stylish shirt). For a high-neckline alternative, Workman's shirts are your best bet.

And if you really like pink, the Pink Mageweave shirt doesn't look half bad under the red.

The sandals are actually my preferred RP footwear for anyone in a dress or long pants. They're one of the few shoes that stand out when you can't see a character's ankles.


Requirements to Wear
  • Cloth
  • Level 6 (blue)
  • Level 18 (red)

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  1. The skirt portion is the same graphic as the simple kilt. I've used that with the pink mageweave shirt and sandals.


    (If you haven't used the wowhead item comparison tool: above the item set there's an arrow indicating a drop down menu, select the view in 3D option then adjust the race/gender option as desired)


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